29 Feb 16

Call it marketing or PR, but the heart of what we really do is celebrating great, thoughtful content. This year’s Oscars showed us that, while far from perfect or ideal, there was much to celebrate in the film industry this year.


WIT PR would like to thank everyone behind Room (A24), The Revenant (20th Century Fox), and Spotlight (Open Road) for making 2015 such a memorable year. Each film was deserving of all the praise and attention they garnered. Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio left no doubt as to who the best lead performers were this year, while all three films kept us guessing as to which one would walk away with Best Picture. Congrats to the Spotlight team for their Best Screenplay and Best Picture awards and to The Revenant team for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s historic back-to-back Best Director win.

Everyone affiliated with these three films deserves praise for their daring story-telling and for reminding us all that film still has the power to challenge, disturb, inspire, and create positive change in our communities and around the world. Congratulations from WIT PR!